Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wiki - New Content

From Julie Todaro -

All, please continue to visit the Transforming Wiki! http://transformingtxlibraries.pbwiki.com/

We now have:

  • more summit content
  • content from two groups worked with post-summit
  • pictures from the summit (we have just added "stakeholder content" as per your request)
  • Assembly content
  • a few general pictures creating the transforming feeling
  • a redone front page
    • we begin with content on transforming Texas (the environment within which we operate)
    • we then offer content on transforming Texas libraries content
    • we then offer content on transforming the Texas Library Association (from Assembly)

I will link Mary's Jo's good information from resources pages...keep those ideas coming...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Annual Assembly

Reposting from the TLA Blog:
TLA's Annual Assembly will start tomorrow evening with the Chairs Training program. A large part of this session will address the exciting Transforming Texas Libraries initiative. Julie Todaro, chair of the Visioning Steering Committee, and Joyce Baumbach, who's leading the TLA strategic planning process, will be on hand with some exciting news. Be ready to offer your thoughts on how to transform Texas libraries and TLA!